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Currently we have Holland Lops for sale, Netherland Dwarfs for sale,
and Lionheads for sale in Loveland Colorado

Wrens Sweetheart Bunnies Rabbitry is a Licensed Colorado State Dwarf Rabbit Breeding facility. We thank you for visiting our site and welcome you to look around and enjoy your visit. Please call us anytime with any questions you may have at 970-393-0474. We are here to help you with all your rabbit questions and needs.

We are an ARBA Registered rabbitry # B317 since 2007. We raise Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and Lionheads in "RARE" colors.Blue Eyed White

Our breeding Focus for the 2014/2015 Will be...
Holland lops in Blue eyed whites, Chocolates, Reds, Oranges, Tris in (red and black) (chocolate) and (blue and cream),Harlequins, Magpies, Sable points, tort/blacks and tort/blues and brokens in these colors.

Lionheads in Only Blue eyed whites and Blue eyed white carriers.

Netherland Dwarfs in Only Blue eyed whites and Blue eyed white carriers.

At our rabbitry all our bunnies are handled daily, it is a big job but we start exercising bunnies first thing in the morning to ensure each bunny gets play time outside on the grass in our exercise pens. This also helps me to ensure all our bunnies are in excellent health. When bunnies are born here at Sweetheart Bunnies Rabbitry, they are handled everyday from the day they are born and when they are 2 weeks old they get their start in the exercise pens outside with their moms. We have been told over and over by our customers that Our Wrens Sweetheart bunnies are the tamest and sweetest personalized bunnies around and I believe this to be true because of the great efforts We put into handling them everyday. They are a full time job and the funnest job I have ever had !!!! We obviously Love our bunnies and hope others will too. We usually always have baby bunnies available for sale please see the For Sale page and for a sneak peak at our upcoming available bunnies check out the nestbox news page..

Please visit our testimonial page to see what our customers are saying about us:)

Our Goal and Focus of our rabbitry is The Beautiful Rare Blue Eyed White Holland Lops, the Netherland Dwarfs, and the Blue Eyed White Lionheads and to better their quality and help them to be competitive on the show tables. As Judge Alan Ormond tells us, it is a Labor of LOVE working on the bews !!! It truly is and WE Love THEM!!!!!! . Thanks again for visiting our site!!!! We Hope you will enjoy your visit!

The Wren Family and the Wren Bunnies.


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Specializing in Blue Eyed Whites

Hello To all my Rabbit friends,
I have made the hard decision to sell almost totally out of all but 10 of my favorite rabbits to give me more time and energy to focus on what I believe is my calling & passion in life which is my love of dogs and helping provide therapy & service dogs to those who need them.

I have 6 custom made flush clean cages available  If interested in anything please email or call me... thanks. 

The cages are pictured below and are $1500 each. Each cage is on wheels and holds 24 (24"x 24") cages with solid metal dividers on the backs and sides so bunnies cannot bite each other.


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